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14 Ways to Loosen Up

Creative surrender isn't always easy. We have ideas about how we want things to turn out, and the image we have in our mind rarely matches up to the reality of what we first create. This can lead to frustration, pain, and even the urge to give up.

But what if surrender could help? What if finding a way to accept how it is currently could open up a new doorway into moving forward with the project? Here are 14 ways to surrender creatively, that might help you see your project in a whole new light, and help you keep it rolling along: 1. Give yourself permission to do whatever you want 2. Say yes to the current situation 3. Embrace what's working 4. Give up on getting the next step exactly right 5. Listen for intuitive hits about what wants to come next 6. Make yourself a cup of tea 7. Notice your bodily sensations and let them guide you 8. Surprise yourself with a new way of doing things 9. Allow yourself to rest 10. Ask yourself how you might be okay with what's not working right now 11. Call a trusted friend and see what they think 12. Leave the project behind for a while, and see what changes when you return 13. Remind yourself that your worth as a creator doesn't depend on the outcome of this project 14. Ask yourself, "What if this was okay, exactly as it is?" How does that feel? Of all these steps, which calls to you? Which feels like it would be most easeful to try? Go with that first, and see what happens.

And when you do, drop me a line to let me know what worked! If this post resonated with you, please share it with like-minded friends and loved ones, either by forwarding it on, or sharing it on social media! Are you looking for ways to develop creative community? Or a place to get some creative work done? Why not join us for our free weekly Co-Creation Time meetings? These 60-minute online sessions bring a group of creative folks from around the world together. We chat for a bit about what we're working on, then get to work and ride the communal wave of creative energy. At the end of the hour, we come back together to talk about what we've been up to. Come join the fun, and get some creative work of your own done in the process! Also coming up, I'm holding a workshop on Cultivating Creative Confidence. In this workshop, I'll teach you practical skills for boosting your creative confidence and giving yourself all the tools you need to create consistently. Learn more here!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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