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Client Spotlight: Corey D

Meet my client Corey, who's a designer, a father, a DJ, and a student of permaculture, all of which feed his creativity.

Q: What are some of your most enjoyable creative outlets?

A: Gardening and DJ-ing. The garden is always changing, and there's always room to change, add, support, tidy, and just watch things grow. It's amazing; nature is amazing.

For DJ-ing, it's the flow. I also get the flow out in the garden, but it's totally different. The DJ flow is more of a current, like a river. Oftentimes I'll be playing tracks and not be in the flow, and it'll feel like the river's slowed down and turned into an eddy where things stagnate, and I want back in the river. So then I'm reaching and playing until I get into that flow. When it happens, even if it happens for a couple of songs, if I'm successfully in that space, it feels SO good.

Q: Where do you find creative joy in your everyday life?

A: I don't find it in my every day, but in my everyday life, I think when I allow myself the time and space to do those things I love---being in the garden and playing records, I can find it. I also often find it playing with my kids. Playing Legos, or talking about video games, or playing video games with them. Just playing with them.

Q: How did creativity coaching sessions affect your relationship to your creativity?

A: It's been helping me realize (as, in make into reality) making that time for myself. And when I do, I am a better friend, father, and coworker. And I like myself more.

Q: What's a project you're currently interested in?

A: So many! I joined the a group called Project Draw Down Group, people were brainstorming about things our church community could do to help in every way we can to make the planet better climate-wise. So I suggested doing a food forest on the church property. I pitched the idea and gave a three-minute pitch on the church property, and more than half the people agreed. So along with my own home, I'm going to be helping with the church property. And all the knowledge for how to do this is coming from a permaculture class I'm taking, which is the bigger project. And now I have these two avenues where I'm able to put it to practice.

Q: What nurtures your creativity, and what shuts it down?

What nurtures it is an ever-changing target. Sometimes it's going to be something I've never thought of. In the past, I've given myself permission to ask for time and space, and that in addition to having support from loved ones nurtures my creativity. Because ultimately I'm a nicer person when I've had that time.

So what shuts it down is not giving myself that time, and that's my own thing I can always be working on--just giving myself that time. Which is funny, because everyone supports me doing it. I also just feel like I want to be available and supportive, whenever I can be. And for some reason for a long time, it felt like those were mutually exclusive. And they're not.

Q: What kinds of people do you think creativity coaching might benefit?

A: List makers---not just list makers, but list makers that don't end up actually doing anything on the list. It could be an entrepreneur or a CEO, it doesn't matter what you do for a living. Doesn't matter if you're making the list for work or making the list for home. I think really deeply-feeling people could benefit from it.

I also think deeply-feeling people because there's so much care about the effort that I think that's where a lot of people just stop taking the step. Like, 'I know this is going to be hard work, and I care about it so much that I don't even want to take the first step.' So there's fear about all the things that you want to do.

People who feel really deeply just generally have a hard time getting started.

Q: What types of creative events do you like to attend in non-Covid times? (Art shows, concerts, etc.)

A: I love music festivals. I love bluegrass, I love dancing, I love rock. I actually just really wanna go dance my ass off at an electronic music festival. That's what I really want to do.


Thanks so much for reading along and learning more about Corey and his creative momentum. Learn more about how to work with me, or contact me for a free 60-minute Discovery Call to see if we'd be a good fit!


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