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Nothing is Wrong With You

Not one thing.

Even when it feels like there is.

And it's natural that it sometimes does. Because the reality is that there are a million messages per second coming at you to tell you that something is wrong with you, and that it's your urgent responsibility to fix it.

From all around us, we hear admonitions to change ourselves. To be more productive and more active, to do things according to someone else's system in order to do them right.

And when it comes to creativity, this can be particularly damaging, because if we believe there's one way to do things correctly and we can't manage to stick to it, it can be enough to block us from our creative flow for weeks, months, years, or sometimes even decades.

If you're anything like me, you've read books on creativity and blog posts on productivity until you could spout all the different systems in your sleep, but they only help minimally.

Because they're what works for someone else. The way that works best for you can only be discovered by you, and a deeper understanding of yourself.

Through becoming more fully familiar with your own creative process and how it works, you begin to discover your own pathway forward.

Give these steps a try, and see how you feel:

1. Remember what you've already done.

Through the years, you've accomplished things creatively. Do an inventory, and make a list of what you've already done.

2. Consider how you managed it.

When you think back on those creative successes, take a moment to consider how you made them happen. What in particular worked for you? Could you us

e any of those tactics towards your current project too?

3. Celebrate those accomplishments and remind yourself that you DO have this in you.

A huge part of moving forward creatively is simply reminding ourselves that we have it in us. Give yourself credit for your previous wins, and know that there are more to come.

Because not only is nothing wrong with you, but you know the way for yourself. You've got everything you need.

If you'd like some additional guidance for how to navigate your creative path forward, sign up for a free 60-minute Discovery Session and we can investigate more about that together.

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