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What to Do to Get Unstuck

It happens to all of us.

Those times come when we have the urge to create, and wish we could create, but just can't manage to actually ... do it.

Whatever obstacle seems to be obstructing our path is, in many ways irrelevant. Whether it's lack of time, the need for the exact right conditions, a dearth of materials, or something else altogether, the fact is that stuckness often begets more stuckness.

Just by virtue of not acting, it's easier to continue not to act.

But here's the good news: the reverse is also true. Action begets action. And though it may not seem to be the case, even small actions count.

In fact, during times of stuckness, small actions are often our very best bet. Because, whether we recognize it as such or not, what's behind many of our obstacles is fear.

Fear likes to dress up in all kinds of disguises. It might choose to come dressed as procrastination, or the need for conditions to be slightly different, or all manner of other things—because fear's main objective is maintaining the status quo.

If there's anything fear dislikes, it's change. Keeping things in a familiar state---even if the familiar state is one we're not fond of---is fear's go-to way to behave. It's easy to see how that leads to stuckness.

Small actions, then, are a helpful because they’re not even enough to alert fear to the prospect that something might change. When what you do is small, fear lets it slip right under the radar, because it poses no threat.

What small action could you take today toward a project you’re interested in? Especially from the awareness that action whatsoever is enough?

Try something small today, and see what happens. At the very least, you’ll be one step beyond where you were before.


If you're looking for a small step you can take, joining a free Co-Creation Time session can be a fantastic start. Along with other creative people from around the world, you get the chance to focus on whatever it is you'd like to work on. People report making progress while increasing their motivation to do more. Action does beget action, after all!

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