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Visual Journaling: Online Classes

visual journaling 



an intuitive process in which thoughts and feelings are explored primarily by images, before words. 

Usage: I did some visual journaling today and had lots of insights about what's been going on for me lately. 

What if you could explore your creativity in a way that's fun, intuitive, and expressive? 

What if you had a weekly practice that helped you unearth profound new insights?

What if, through dropping into this experience, your creative practice began to flourish and thrive? 

Visual journaling is a doorway into all these things, and more.


Visual Journaling helps you: 

Drop into a flow state

Creative flow is how we want to feel when we're making anything. Visual journaling helps you drop into that state and roll with it. Moving forward with your other creative work feels far more natural and joyful from this place of flow. 

Loosen Up

The freedom you experience through the visual journaling practice helps you feel relaxed, open to new ideas, and more ready to create. The liberating effect of these sessions feeds your other creative practices immeasurably. 

Feel Grounded

Centering yourself in the experience of the moment grounds you, and gives you many of the same benefits as a meditation practice. This practice originates in an awareness of the body, and leads to a profound sense of embodiment. 

Foster Alignment

Visual journaling aligns you with your own internal rhythm so that you can learn what works best for you, and what you can put aside. This is knowledge no one else can give you, and is the foundation of a strong, healthy creative practice. 

Access inner wisdom

Visual journaling is a process of dialoguing with parts of you that you may not even be aware have something to say. Through creating an image and learning from it, you gain insight into your current emotional state, and where you want to go from there. 

Grow in All Areas

The ripple effects of a practice that helps you anchor yourself in your own experience are endless. Your life shifts for the better in many realms, and the spillover effect is enormous. 

So what is it?

Visual journaling is a simple but powerful process. Together on a video call, we each create our own image intuitively, without any restrictions. The process is intuitive and guided by your own needs and urges. 

After that, we dialogue with our images in writing, and learn more about what's going on for us on a deep level. This process allows us to access insights that aren't available from writing alone. Using more intuition than logic, you tap into information that's often both profound and surprising. 

You'll be free to either share with the group or not, depending on your comfort level. Regardless, the support and company of the group is a beautiful, bolstering element of this process. 

How it works



Sign up for the class by RSVPing. (Each session costs $25.) Before the session, gather materials that you feel happy to use freely, in any amount. At the appointed time, sign in by clicking the link in your confirmation email. 



After an introduction to the process and guidance on how to do it, we'll each work on our own images simultaneously. This process is incredibly freeing and draws you into a state of creative flow, fostering a deep connection with yourself. 



Following the making of the images, we'll spend some time reflecting on them in writing, each on our own. Participants who feel called to share about what they discovered will be invited to do so. 



We'll close our time together after 90 minutes, having learned something about ourselves and deepened our connection to ourselves and our creative work. With practice, we may carry this forward into our other creative practices, and into other aspects of our lives. 


Exploring Materials 

At any time, you're completely free to use whatever materials you like.


But if you feel like following along, we'll also be exploring different materials each week, which will be announced before the class. 

Some materials or techniques we'll play with include: 

  • collage

  • drawing 

  • natural objects 

  • painting 

  • stamps

  • using fabrics 

  • continuous line 

  • using photos 

  • found objects 

  • paper cutting, ripping, and tearing 

  • using words and/or poetry 

  • music and movement 

  • unexpected materials such as candle wax 

  • thread and yarn 

This is a process of discovery and growth, so any material or technique that calls to you is always welcome! 

What's my investment?

Each class is 75-90 minutes long and costs $25. I also offer monthly packages of $75 for four sessions, so four sessions for the price of three. (Please drop me a line if you'd like to take advantage of that offer!) 

Our time together is rich with insight and connection, and there's a beautiful communal camaraderie that emerges. 

Attending these sessions lays a foundation for a deeper, more vibrant connection with your creative work, and we hope you'll join us! 

Class Times by Time Zone: 

You can attend from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and a device to connect you. 


North America Eastern: 8 pm on Tuesdays

North America Pacific: 5 pm on Tuesdays 

Japan: 9 am on Wednesdays 

Australian EDT: 10 am on Wednesdays 

To request other class times or days, drop me a line with the times you'd like to request! 

What People Say About Visual Journaling

My experience with Visual Journaling

For over 20 years, Visual Journaling has been a steady feature of my life.


Creatively, the practice of Visual Journaling has been the through-line that has helped me stay connected to my creative work no matter what. It keeps me connected to myself, and to my creative flow, through great times and difficult ones alike. 

It's certainly helped me get through major transitions in my life, including life-changing moves, my shift into motherhood,  and even working through the residual pain and shame left by years of childhood bullying. (You can read more about that here: And Then She Threw a Stapler at My Head.) 

I'm delighted to get to share this profound, illuminating practice with you, and can't wait to see you in class!*


* Please note that I'm a coach and am not an art therapist. These sessions are intended to be used as a means of creative self-exploration rather than therapeutically.  

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