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Hey, there. I'm Paige.

In 2012, I had a problem. 

Having spent most of my life writing and creating for fun and enjoyment, I suddenly found myself at an impasse. 


I'd start projects and let them stall out.


Or I'd have a great idea, but never get it off the ground.


I'd spend all kinds of time thinking about creating, and very little time actually creating. 


Have you ever been there? I'm betting you have, because creative blocks are par for the course among creative people. They're just part of the process. 


Sometimes we're able to maneuver our way past them. Other times, we need help. 


After completing my certification in creativity coaching, I continued my own work in charting my inner creative terrain.


The more I learned about myself, the better I understood how to help others find and move past whatever blocked them creatively. 


Since then, I've helped creative people worldwide reach their creative goals and dreams.

As we've worked together to help them write albums, finish novels, launch businesses, fill galleries with paintings, and so much more, my clients have stepped into more fulfilling creative roles for themselves.


It brings me so much joy to witness their flourishing. 


Feedback from some clients

“She creates a space where I feel safe AND get ignited. I highly, highly recommend her. Si
“She creates a space where I feel safe AND get ignited. I highly, highly recommend her. Si
“She creates a space where I feel safe AND get ignited. I highly, highly recommend her. Si

What are your creative dreams?

I'm here for you, too.


Together, we'll learn what works best for you creatively, and what holds you back.


As the coaching process unfolds, you'll develop practical skills and discover deep insights that help you reach your most cherished creative dreams. 


Your creative goals are within reach, and I'm here to help you achieve them. 

About Our Coaching Process


My coaching style is gentle, engaging, and compassionate. You will never be forced or bullied into anything. Not only is that no fun, it simply doesn't work!



Creativity is FUN. We'll get the most out of our process when we're finding what you enjoy, and tapping into that

This highly personalized process is for you and guided by your needs. Whatever you bring to the sessions is the right thing to bring, and whatever you need is what we will address. 

More about me

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Certified Creativity Coach since 2012

Becoming a coach helped me reach my full creative potential. It's a joy to use those skills to help others do the same. 

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I make stuff to inspire you creatively

I love to share fresh creative ideas with you, and post often on Instagram. Come follow along if you're interested!

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I work with clients worldwide

No matter where you are in the world, we can work together to help make your creative dreams a reality

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Drop me a line to say hi! I'll send you a form that will help you get to know me as you answer some questions about your creative experiences. 

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Within about ten minutes, you'll complete a questionnaire that helps you get to know me as a coach and gives you a chance to think about who you are creatively 

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We'll schedule an informal 30-minute call to get to know each other. 

No pressure at all! Just a fun conversation about your creativity and goals. 

Here's what's next:

Still curious?
Some more on my creative work:

Professionally, I've written and edited for many years. My work has taken me from curriculum development to freelance writing, UX writing, copywriting, blogging, web writing, web design (I designed and built this site myself!), and beyond. 

On a personal level, my writing work focuses on creative nonfiction as well as poetry, but my interests vary widely and I enjoy playing with words and various forms. Language is my playground, and I enjoy speaking foreign languages as well.

I also love to dabble in visual work. Abstract painting is a great love of mine, and recently I've begun to explore digital drawing too. 

And I have a lot of fun creating informative, engaging graphics that I share on Instagram! You're welcome to check out my work there, and say hi if you're so inclined!


Other ways to work with me:

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