Hey, there. I'm Paige, and I spend my days helping creative people live even more creative lives. 

My path toward coaching began with a deep personal need.


Back in 2012, I found that despite my own creative urges, I had trouble actually, y'know ... creating. More often than not, something stood in my way. No time, no energy, uncertainty about where to start or how to continue--you name it, it blocked me.


I tried reading books on creativity, taking courses, and finding accountability partners, but nothing helped.


So I trained to be a certified creativity coach, and learned to develop the skills to help myself and others find the most creative joy possible in life. 

Since then, I've worked with clients from all over the world, and I delight in enriching dialogues that introduce me to all types of creative work. There's no satisfaction quite like knowing that my clients have returned to enjoying their creativity to its fullest, and are much more fulfilled as a result.

I helped clients write novels, fill galleries with paintings, start and maintain blogs, move forward in their businesses, write entire music albums, complete projects that have been shelved for ages, and much more. 


My clients have helped me overcome my own obstacles in significant ways as well, and for that I'm deeply grateful. 

Having spent most of my adult life living abroad, I'm appreciative of creativity, adaptability, and adventurousness anywhere I find them. Coaching my clients immerses me in those experiences every day, and I'm extraordinarily thankful for the privilege. 

Sign up for a free trial session and we'll see if you and I can make some creative magic together too.