Community is vital to creative flourishing.

Join our warm, friendly community for various events, including free Co-Creation Time sessions, Visual Journaling classes, and monthly workshops

Co-Creation Time

Co-Creation Time is a free online event that helps you get stuff done. Join our warm group of friendly creative people from around the world to boost both your motivation and your sense of accomplishment.   

Visual Journaling

Visual journaling is a reflective practice guided by your intuition and deep sense of inner knowing. Learn more about yourself, your creativity, and your underlying motivations by engaging in this rich, rewarding practice. And build an international community of like-minded creatives  from in the meantime, too! 

Monthly Workshops

These monthly online workshops teach you practical techniques and tools for working with your creativity. Beyond that, they help you garner insight about your own creative practice, and how to get the most out of it.  

Upcoming Events

  • Co-Creation Time August 1st/2nd (Check Full Schedule for Date & Time)
    Mon, Aug 02
    Co-Creation Time on August 1st/2nd
    Join us to work on your own project while others simultaneously work on theirs. The creative energy pulls us all along, and we each get more done! Eastern: Sunday, Aug 1, @ 7:30 pm Pacific: Sunday, Aug 1, @ 4:30 pm Japan: Monday, Aug 2, @ 8:30 am AEST: Monday, Aug 2, @ 9:30 am

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