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Creative Growth Coaching Package

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In these highly-customized sessions, you'll

  • dive deep into your creative process 

  • make significant progress on projects that are important to you 

  • expand beyond your comfort zone to complete projects that seem just out of reach right now 

  • maximize your creative potential

  • maintain a sustainable, enjoyable creative practice that suits you perfectly  

To ensure your growth, we commit to 12 weekly sessions, which bring you valuable insight, practical tools to move forward, and a ton of creative momentum

What coaching with me is:


Looking for practical tools that will help you reach your creative goals? You'll find them here, tailor-made for the way you work.


These sessions are individualized in every way, focused on your needs, your style of working, and your most important creative goals.


Going deep is my magic. Together, we'll unearth priceless insights that take your work to the level you've been aching to reach.


No pushing or forcing, ever. Not only is that unpleasant, it simply doesn't work. The tools we'll use do, and are way more fun.

What it's not:


You will never be shamed in any way. This is a compassionate, supportive relationship, here to serve you.


Your goals are yours. You choose them, and you decide how they unfold. I'll never police, push, or force.


Together, we're mapping a new territory. We'll make discoveries, marvel over our findings, and excavate new truths.


Because the sessions are designed for exactly where you are, they'll be a unique experience every time.

You'll get:

12 Sessions

For several months, we'll work together consistently to help you meet your goals.

Experiential Learning

When it suits the purposes of our session, I'll guide you through powerful experiences that help move you forward. 

60 Minutes Each

Each hour we spend together will be devoted to the specific needs you have that week.

Powerful Tools

From each session, you'll take away practical tools that help you grow closer and closer to your creative dream.

Because I'm committed to serving you and your creative dreams, my fees run on a sliding scale.

Ways to connect for free:

Co-Creation Time

Co-Creation Time.png

Co-Creation Time is a free weekly offering that gives you time and space to work on your creative goals. 

Meet up with our group of fun, friendly creatives worldwide via a Zoom link. We say a quick hello, talk about our creative goal for the session, then mute our mics and get down to work. 

The magic of the group energy helps to boost motivation and flow, and by the end of the session, we're left feeling great! 

Come join us for the next one! We'd love to see you there

The Creativity Café

Untitled design (5).png

If you're looking for something inspiring to listen to, our podcast is made just for you. 

My co-host Jordana and I interview fascinating creators from around the world to find out what inspires them, how they find creative flow, and what helps move them past creative blocks. 

Grab a cup of tea and join us for a chat! 


Come say hi on Instagram!

I love to share on Instagram, whether it's snippets of my life in Tokyo through stories, or reels where I chat about creative ideas. 

Come take a look, and say hi if you'd like! 

How it Works

Get in touch

After you reach out to sign up for your free 30-minute creativity chat, I'll send you an easy-to-complete form via Google Docs that helps us get to know each other.


In our free trial session, we'll assess your creative goals and start to familiarize ourselves more deeply with your creative process. Each session includes an element that allows you to immediately connect with your creativity.


(All calls are audio-only, unless your preference is video calls.) 

Follow up

We'll keep in contact between sessions so you can let me know what you're up to, and each week I'll send you an in-depth summary of our most recent session to help remind you of our shared insights and discoveries.


As our work continues, your understanding of your creative process deepens. You gain momentum as you reintroduce fun and joy into your process. With each step, you're reminded of why you love your work.


Our work together continues for as long as it supports you and your creative goals. Some clients focus on short-term projects, while others work with me for a year or longer.


Whenever it's helpful for you, you always have the option of joining my free weekly Co-Creation Time sessions. These are sessions where we gather a group of creative people from all over the world, and we each work on our own projects. The shared creative energy is a powerful force to help push our work forward.

Sound like it might be for you?


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