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These unprecedented times have brought about brand new obstacles and opportunities. As the pandemic has progressed, you've likely had the chance to reevaluate what's most important to you, and what's not.


Where does your creativity fall on that spectrum?


Do you find yourself craving a deeper connection with your creative work? Or wanting to make progress on a project that's been waiting in the wings? 

Notebook and Pen

You may have discovered that you long for creativity now more than ever because of the vitality that it brings to your life, and because of how it makes you feel.


Having a full, authentically manifested creative practice provides joy and comfort in ways nothing else can. 


So where does your creative practice stand right now? How does that compare to where you'd like it to be? 


Through our coaching relationship, we explore what stops you from having the full, authentic creative practice that lights you up most. And through gentle, encouraging steps, we find easeful, fun ways to bring it back into your life. 

Notebook and Pen

The Discovery Coaching Package includes:

  • 12 sessions of coaching, with one 60-minute session weekly. 

  • In-depth weekly dialogues that bring you self-awareness and help you learn exactly what you need to rediscover your full creative potential. 

  • A shared creative experience in the course of each session.

  • An ongoing relationship with a creative guide who helps you dive more deeply than you otherwise would in your creative pursuits. 

This coaching package is currently available for $75 per session (or the equivalent in your local currency). Sliding scale and payment plans are also available upon request. 

Send me a quick message to start the process for a free 60-minute Discovery Session to get started. 

How it Works

Get in touch

After you reach out to sign up for your free 60-minute Discovery session I'll send you an easy-to-complete form via Google Docs that helps us get to know each other.


In our free trial session, we'll assess your creative goals and start to familiarize ourselves more deeply with your creative process. Each session includes an element that allows you to immediately connect with your creativity.


(All calls are audio-only, unless your preference is video calls.) 

Follow up

We'll keep in contact between sessions so you can let me know what you're up to, and each week I'll send you an in-depth summary of our most recent session to help remind you of our shared insights and discoveries.


As our work continues, your understanding of your creative process deepens. You gain momentum as you reintroduce fun and joy into your process. With each step, you're reminded of why you love your work.


Our work together continues for as long as it supports you and your creative goals. Some clients focus on short-term projects, while others work with me for a year or longer.


Whenever it's helpful for you, you always have the option of joining my free weekly Co-Creation Time sessions. These are sessions where we gather a group of creative people from all over the world, and we each work on our own projects. The shared creative energy is a powerful force to help push our work forward.

Sound like it might be for you?


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