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12 Ways to Stoke Creative Curiosity

Ever feel creatively stagnant? Or even just bored with what you're doing or where you're going?

If you're looking to stoke creative curiosity, here are some fun things to try:

1. Ask yourself questions

For example: What have I never tried before? How could I make this more fun? What feels good

right now?

2. Move your body Movement spurs creativity in surprising ways, and inspiration often strikes when the body is in motion. Give it a try! 3. Surprise yourself Throw something into your work that you'd normally not even consider. What happens when you do? 4. Try it with a blindfold on Literally, put a blindfold on. What happens when one of your senses is no longer part of the process? How does your perception shift? And how does that impact the work?

5. Embrace the weird Because why not? What's the weirdest thing you can think of combining with what you're working on? How does the work respond when you do? 6. Turn it upside down Again, this can be literal or metaphorical. Just as you can turn a painting upside down, you can flip the form of your essay or your song---or anything else you're working on. How does it feel to approach it from a totally different angle? 7. Try Visual Journaling Visual Journaling gives you an opportunity for self-discovery through visual exploration and play. Every single session yields an insightful surprise. What might you discover?

8. Dive deeper Your work has layers, and depths to be plumbed. What happens when you go one layer deeper than where you are now? What do you find? 9. Try a form you've never tried Is there a medium or a form you've always been interested in but have never tried? What if you just play with it? Explore. See what happens. 10. Play What if there were no rules here and you could just do whatever you like? Tap into the childlike part of yourself that just wants to play, and see where it leads. 11. Explore an old theme in a new medium What if that theme you've worked on again and again were brought into a completely new medium? How might it change? What new insight could be discovered? 12. Take a dip into a former interest What's one thing you used to love that you haven't done much in a while? What if you try it again, from the perspective of where you are now. Former creative loves often have new insight to give us, as we move along our creative path in life. Which of these calls to you most? Give it a try, and then drop me a line and let me know how it went! I love hearing about your creative discoveries.

If you found this post interesting, share it on social media or forward it to a friend! As always, weekly sessions in Co-Creation Time and Visual Journaling are coming up, so come join us! Both yield creative discoveries, and are lots of fun to boot!

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