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27 Surprising Things That Count as Creative Progress

  1. Five minutes of creative work

  2. Giving yourself credit for what you’ve done

  3. Speaking kindly to yourself about your project

  4. Rolling with mistakes

  5. Obstacles seeming slightly more surmountable

  6. Feeling pleasure while working

  7. Hating what’s coming out but being proud of doing it anyway

  8. Fewer negative voices in your head

  9. Following a path to a new creative idea

  10. Looking forward to creating

  11. Less guilt when you don’t make it happen

  12. Knowing yourself better

  13. Being aware of what works for you

  14. Being aware of what doesn’t work for you

  15. Accepting what works for you and what doesn’t

  16. Knowing that someone else’s way isn’t necessarily yours, and that’s fine

  17. Recognizing the signs of fear

  18. Reveling in your downtime when you get it

  19. Less comparison with other creators

  20. Knowing what do-able step comes next

  21. Noticing the do-able step is do-able enough to do right now, if need be

  22. Doing the do-able step

  23. Finding the next one

  24. Being proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished

  25. Taking note of the ways you’re growing creatively

  26. Letting that momentum move you forward

  27. Gratitude for your creative work, and for all the ways you’ve grown

Creative progress comes in so many forms. Which of these have you noticed in yourself lately?

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