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In order to create from a place of truth, from the fullness of who we are, we must have sovereignty.

We must be the rulers of our own bodies and and our own experiences.

We must be free to say yes when we want to say yes, and no when we want to say no.

To be the leaders and decision-makers of our own lives is the only foundation upon which we can exist in the world as we truly are.

It's the only place from where we can access our genuine power.

Without that, we are continuously contorting ourselves, minimizing ourselves, giving ourselves over, and diminishing our awareness of who we are.

And that is why we say no when our rights to our own bodies are stripped from us. That is why we do everything in our power to prevent the rights of others from being stripped too.

Sometimes our most powerful creations begin with demolition. Sometimes a previous construction needs to be dismantled. Sometimes the ferocity of our own aliveness becomes clearer when what was once a legal right is yanked away.

Let this be an opportunity to show ourselves who we really are. Let this be a chance to loudly, vociferously, definitively say no.

Speak your no. Shout your no. Vote your no.

We will not go back, and we will not be silenced.


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