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Embrace Your Creative Boldness

When I was 24, I moved my entire life to a giant city 16 time zones away, in a country where I'd never stepped foot before.

Tokyo was a place where I knew no one, spoke none of the language, and had very little idea what to expect. (In those days, the internet was still in its relative infancy, and there wasn't all that much information available to gather.)

Just thinking about it now, nearly two decades on, makes me quake in my boots on behalf of my former self.

The thing is, we often think the things we do need to be this bold and earth-shattering to count. If we're not blazing trails and shocking the world, does it really make any difference?

I'm here to tell you that it does.

In fact, it's the everyday boldness that moves our lives forward in the most substantial ways. Those small moments of saying yes, trying something new, and exploring possibilities are the places where we make the most interesting progress in life.

So, what if we could invite boldness into our lives a little more sustainably, a little more realistically, to feed our creative urges?

Here are some ideas for how:

Try a new medium

Take a class, explore an option you've never tried---just dive in and see what happens. It can be scary to be a beginner, but often when we try an entirely new thing, we emerge with a ton of fresh, exciting creative energy.

Immerse yourself in newness

Whether that means visiting a new neighborhood, visiting a museum you wouldn't ordinarily go to, listening to music that's not your usual taste, or trying an unexpected restaurant, just giving yourself the chance to have a new experience can be the dash of boldness that leads to an interesting creative discovery.

Mix it up in your own work

Try a color palette you've never tried. Play a song in a genre that's out of your comfort zone. Turn your piece upside down. Cut your poem into pieces and rearrange it.

Whatever it is you do, how might you mix it up? Is there a way for it to be a fun, exciting experiment?

Follow your intuition

What does your instinct want you to try? Where would it take you if you simply said yes? Ask it, and see what emerges.

It can be this easy, and this fun.Sometimes just a little flash of minor courage leads us in a whole new exciting direction. It certainly has the power to shift our life little by little in the direction of things that light us up and nurture our creative growth, if we have the courage to say yes.

Give some of these a try and let me know what you think!

And if you're someone who's curious about writing, one way you can try out a sustainably bold move is to join us for our online writing group, Practice Makes Progress. We meet monthly and practice writing in response to fun, engaging prompts. Learn more, or sign up here to join us!

You're also always invited to join our weekly Co-Creation Time sessions, where our friendly group of international creatives gathers to work on whatever creative project we've got going. The energy of us all working together produces massive momentum, and is super fun to boot! Come join us!

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