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Feeling blocked? Soften up.

When you imagine a creative dream, does some concrete goal come to mind?

Very often, creative dreams mean we want to complete a certain project by a certain time, and get a certain kind of response. Envisioning what we want is powerful. It motivates us to take steps towards our goal, and to get up every day and work for our vision. But it can also trip us up, and even lead to creative blocks. If you find yourself coming up against blocks in your process, softening can be just the ticket.

What does that even mean, to soften around our goals?

Here are some things to try: Take it down a notch What if, just for now, your goal was a little ... less? What if composing a song a week turned into a song a month? What if, instead of 500 words a day, it was okay to write 200? What if the goal you set was just a little more manageable? How might that feel? Is there any relief in that for you? A bit more breathing room? Play So, like, does this whole thing have to be super serious? Or is there some room for fun? Finding a sense of play in your work loosens you up and gives you room to enjoy it. It also makes it more likely that you'll come back to it out of a sense of joy, rather than a sense of obligation. How could you add playfulness to your project, even if it's just a little? Say yes When something new and unexpected arises in your process, how do you usually handle it? What if, when the unexpected inevitably occurs, you just said yes? Whether that means adding an unplanned element to your painting, changing the shape of the dress you're making just slightly, or whatever it might be---saying yes to the surprises that occur can lead to new creative opportunities, as well as just more fun. Give these a try! And when you do, let me know how they feel for you. Very often, softening gives you the chance to open yourself up to new things, and very little is more energizing than that.


Speaking of opening yourself up to new things, have you tried Co-Creation Time yet? Our friendly group of international creatives meets weekly to have a quick chat about our projects, then get down to work. Working together creates momentum for us all, and by the end of our time together, we've all made progress on our creative projects. Come join us and see what arises for you!

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