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Four Ways to Find Flow

What do you do when you just can't find flow?

When you're in a place of confusion, or don't know where to get started, or just feel like something is off?

There's one thing that will never fail you at times like these, and that's coming home to your body.

Though our culture trains us to stay mainly in our heads, it's the body that holds the wisdom and alignment that are often essential to get started in our creative work.

1. Notice physical sensations

What's happening in your body right now? Feel into it. Sit with it. Watch how it shifts subtly as your attention rests with it.

When you're ready, ask it what it would like you do next. And then, if you're up for it, listen. To follow the intuition that resides in your body is to take the first step into creative flow.

2. Shake

If you're feeling a bit numb or removed from your body, try this.

Stand up and, limb by limb, shake your body out. Shake your arms and legs, roll your shoulders and neck. Bring the energy back into your body by shaking it in any way that feels compelling to you.

Shaking energizes you quickly, and can be deeply therapeutic and centering. Try it out and see what emerges for you.

3. Take a walk

In her book, Walking in This World, Julia Cameron explores the creative potency of simply taking walks. Walking engages the senses and draws you into the present moment. As you walk, the mind clears and ideas flow.

Daily walks are an important part of my own daily practice. I often take photos of things I notice on my walks (check them out on my Instagram stories), as another element of my creative practice.

Even five minutes of walking can shift your perspective when it comes to your project. Give it a shot!

4. Ask yourself what works for you

Think about other times in your life when your body has sent you messages. How did they come? What worked for finding what the body wanted to communicate to you? Might that be an option for you now?

Action begets action, and movement begets flow. See what your body wants to say to you about the next step in your creative process, and let me know what happens as you follow it!


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