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Introducing Co-Creation Time!

Being part of a creative community can make all the difference. Connecting with other creative people helps build a sense of connection as well as recognition.

Working alongside each other also leads to increased motivation, a stronger sense of focus, and the opportunity to ride a communal wave of creative energy.

That's why I've decided to offer Co-Creation Time.

Q: What is Co-Creation Time?

Co-Creation time is a free weekly online session that helps you get stuff done! People from around the world call in at the same time every week, and we each quietly work on our own projects. The wave of shared creative energy helps us all get motivated and achieve whatever it is we want to do that day.

Q: What kinds of things can I work on?

Anything you like! There's really no restriction on how you use your time.

Besides creative projects, many people use Co-Creation Time

to clear obstacles they perceive as blocking their creative goals. For example, they might spend the time cleaning their space or doing paperwork they've been putting off, so that their mind is clear to move forward.

This time is for you! Use it any way you prefer.

Q: How long does it last?

The call lasts an hour. If you need to pop out sooner, that's absolutely fine!

Q: Do I need to keep my camera on?

We spend a couple of minutes chatting at the beginning of the call, and at that time we prefer for everyone to be able to see each other. After that, if you'd like to turn your camera off while working, you're welcome to!

Q: Can I call in from anywhere?

Yep! Geography is no issue. Come and join us from anywhere you like!

Q: What if the current Co-Creation Time schedule doesn't work for me?

If you have another time you'd like to suggest, let me know and I can look into setting up another time for people who can't make the current session.

Q: How do I sign up?

Hop over here and RSVP! You'll receive an email with a link that will take you to the meeting when it begins.

Some things people say about Co-Creation Time:

Come join us and find out how much more deeply you can engage with your own creative process when you're in community with others!

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