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Journal Prompts for Creative Blossoming

Journal practices often flourish through prompts, so here are a few for you!

As the world turns toward spring in the northern hemisphere, let's take some time to think about our own creative blossoming.

Grab your journal and find some quiet time to yourself to consider these questions:

1. What does creative fulfillment mean to you?


2. What does it feel like (in your body, in your emotions) when you're flourishing creatively?


3. In the past, what conditions or circumstances have led to that flourishing for you?


4. When you're blocked creatively, what tends to stand in your way?

(For extra insights on this, you may want to check out my quiz on this very question.)


5. In the coming days or weeks, what small step could you take towards creating those conditions for yourself?


Did you find these helpful? Drop me a line and share what you discovered. I always love to hear from you!

Check out upcoming events here, including Co-Creation Time, my online writing group, and the next monthly workshop teaching strategies to move past perfectionism.

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