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Stuck? Try This.

Sometimes stuck-ness starts with not knowing where to begin.

It feels like too much--like you've been away from your project too long, or like you don't even know what's next.

It's easy to feel lost at times like these. But starting small (like, super small) has some major, surprising benefits.

1. It's easy What could be easier than taking the smallest step possible? The smaller the step, the better.

If your small step doesn't feel easy, chances are it's not quite small enough. What might be an even smaller step you could try? Does that feel easy? If not, what could be smaller than that?

We're talking, tiiiiiny steps, like writing a single sentence on a scrap of paper. Opening your guitar case. Choosing your thread colors. Whatever the most minuscule step you can take on your project is, try that.

2. It takes the pressure down a notch

Lowering the pressure just feels better, doesn't it?

Instead of the sky-high expectations that you may otherwise have set for yourself, starting small lets you off the hook. It gives you a feeling of success, even when you've done something little.

And it gives you the feeling of success, with very little effort, which makes it easier to keep going once you've begun.

3. Once you get going, you remember how fun it is

Speaking of which, beginning in small, easy ways helps you remember how much fun your creative project is.

Entering the world of your story, seeing your guitar emerge from the case, or feeling the texture of the thread under your fingers reminds you that your creativity isn't an obligation. It's a joy.

And once you're feeling the joy of doing what you love, every step becomes easier and easier. Not to mention more fun.

So, with that in mind, what's the next small step you could take on your creative project? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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