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Tools for Creative Blossoming

Spring is upon us, and what an inspiration it can be!

As we watch the outside world come into its own and burst into color, our own creativity can sometimes rush up to meet it.

But not always. While we can blossom creatively anytime, sometimes it takes a little more work.

As creative people, we know that blocks are simply part of the path we're on. And, as frustrating as that can be sometimes, there are ways to move past them and return to our own creative springtime.

Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Let your feeling of 'should' fall by the wayside When blocks are a factor, our sense of 'should' is usually at least part of what's getting in the way. What if you put all that to the side, just for now? Just to see what happens when you do?

2. Honor what feels good

Ask yourself: what would feel good to do next? Is there part of the project that feels fun to you? Or less intimidating than any other part? Start there.

3. Turn towards what lights you up

What about this project lights you up? Remember it, and call it to the forefront of what you're doing. There's a reason you want to do it---what is that reason? How might it guide you forward?

4. Set yourself free

Let yourself play. Open yourself to possibility, and ask yourself, "What if?" What might happen if you do it a little differently? If you turn it upside down? If you break a rule or two? Would the work still get done? Might it even be more fun that way?

Try these out, and let me know how it goes! I always love to hear back from you about what has worked and how it's felt.

In the meantime, if perfectionism is part of what you struggle with, I have a workshop coming up that will help! Moving Past Perfectionism is a 60-minute online workshop that teaches you practical tools for working with perfectionistic tendencies.

Some feedback from previous workshop participants:

The workshops are fun, friendly, and chock full of practical tips and exercises. Come join us!

And if you'd like an opportunity to work on a project with the support of our friendly creative community, check out Co-Creation Time, a free weekly meeting to help you get things done. There's something magical about the container of Co-Creation Time, and before you know it you're deep in flow and building tons of creative momentum. We'd love to have you join us there too!

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