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Why's Creativity So Inconsistent?

Ever notice that sometimes your creativity flows from you effortlessly and abundantly, whereas other times it feels like pulling teeth?

You're not alone in that. We all experience it. Like everything in nature, there are cycles to our

creativity. There are times when you're on and ready for anything that comes, and times when you just need to rest. Times when productivity is easy, and times when you just can't get going.

When you pay attention to your own rhythms, you'll begin to notice patterns in them. Are there times when you're most excited to create? Times when you know for sure you won't be? Those are useful to make note of.

And, like anything else in nature, creativity doesn't respond well to being pushed or forced too far. While you might be able to give yourself some guidance when it comes to finishing things (especially if you've got a big deadline), creativity tends to flow most smoothly when we allow it to follow its own rhythms.

But how do we do that? Here are some tips.

1. Follow your creative urges

When you feel the urge to create and it's pulling you along, don't put it off. Respond to the creative urge, even if that just means jotting down your idea so you won't forget it. Creativity loves to be noticed and heard. Giving it recognition and letting it know you'll get to it goes a long way.

2. When rest calls, rest.

Sometimes rest just really needs to come. Whether that's because we're exhausted or because that's just the phase your creativity is in, let it happen. Resisting rest just means you'll eventually need more of it. To savor and enjoy the downtime you get is to make the most of it. So embrace that phase while you're in it, and enjoy it to its fullest.

3. Set gentle goals.

When you do need to set goals, like in the case of a deadline, let them align with your natural rhythm as much as possible. This could mean starting with the task that feels easiest, building in ample wiggle room for breaks, or just making each step very small and manageable. Know yourself and what works for you, and follow the lead of your past experience.

What about you? What works for you when it comes to following your creative rhythms? Drop me a line below and let me know!

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