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Q: What types of creative projects do you help with?

A: Some examples of projects or practices I've worked with clients on include: 

  • writing a novel to completion

  • the creation of a music album

  • writing and compiling a cookbook 

  • doing an extensive series of paintings and showing them publicly 

  • building a website 

  • creating and maintaining a photo blog

  • embroidery and needlework

  • writing and editing a PhD thesis

  • taking steps to build a business

  • writing web content 

  • clearing out space to work in

  • reviving former musical practices 

  • month-long challenges such as NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), or Inktober (a drawing challenge held in October each year)

  • starting and maintaining a blogging practice

Anything you'd like to work on will benefit from the coaching process we embark on together. 

Q: How many sessions does the process usually take?

It really depends on your project! I've worked with some clients for as few as six sessions to help them make the progress they need. Other people with long-term projects (such as writing a novel or another type of book), might want to work together for a year, or even more. It's really up to you!

Q: What if we're not in the same time zone?

A: Geography is no obstacle! I’ve worked with clients in many time zones on three different continents, and we’ve always managed to find a time that’s comfortable for both of us.

Q: Do you offer free sessions?

A: I do give you the chance to work with me for one session before committing fully to a six-session package. If at the end of our first session you’re feeling less committed to our work together than you’d imagined, you’re free to receive a full refund of your initial investment.

Q: I'm in! What's the first step toward working together?

A: I love to get to know more about clients through an in-depth but very easy to complete form. Get in touch and I’ll send the form your way so we can begin the process of getting to know each other.

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