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Your Most Powerful Creative Tool

What's the most powerful tool you have at your disposal creatively?


Insight is a portal into your thoughts and behaviors. It helps you navigate what works for you and what doesn't, so that you waste less time chastising yourself or trying things that ultimately won't work. And it opens a window onto your personality's strengths and foibles, so that you can use them to bolster you rather than bring you down.

Knowing ourselves gives us tools to move forward creatively in concrete, practical ways, and that is simply invaluable.

While no online quiz can give you an exhaustive understanding of yourself and your creative needs, taking one can be a good start to understanding yourself more fully. Knowing even just a bit more about how you roll creatively can help you give yourself compassion when and where you need it, which is the foundation for a thriving and sustainable creative practice.

That's why I've designed my quiz, What Type of Creative Are You? It's tailored to provide insight into each creative type and the particular stumbling blocks that come along with them.

Take the quiz now, and learn more about how to move yourself forward creatively!

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