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Co-Creation Time

Co-Creation Time is a free online meeting that helps you get your creative work done. Our warm, friendly group welcomes participants from around the world to work on anything from their latest creative project to tidying up their space. This time is for you, so anything goes!


RSVP to join us and ride the communal wave of creative energy to make progress on your own project. 

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What's Co-Creation Time For?

Anything you want! You can use it for any project that's on your mind---even just cleaning up your space. This time is here for you, to support you in any way you need. 


Tell me More

Co-Creation Time is free, supportive, and fun. Riding the wave of communal creative momentum built by working together, you can make tremendous progress in a short amount of time. 


What else?

The progress you make during Co-Creation Time combined with the support of the group helps you give yourself credit for what you've done. This builds momentum for forward movement on your project. 

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Build an International Creative Community

How many people can say they've got a supportive community of creative peers from around the world? Co-Creation Time gives you the chance to build these relationships in service of your sense of connection. And this support helps your work thrive in unexpected ways, as you use the momentum created in the group to keep going and move yourself forward. RSVP now to join in! 

Step One

RSVP below for the time you'd like to come. (Check your time zone here.) 

At the appointed time, click the link in your confirmation email to join the call. 

Step Two

Say a quick hello to the other friendly, creative folks from around the world. Learn what they're working on and share what you're up to too. 

Step Three

Mute your mic and get started! You can work on anything you like, from a current project you've got going, to tasks that clear the way for your creativity. 

Step Four

At the end of the our, we all unmute our mics and share what we've been up to. The support and encouragement of the community go a long way in helping us all make progress and feel great about our creative accomplishments. 

What People Say about Co-Creation Time

Sign up to join us from anywhere in the world!

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