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Fiona loves drawing, right down to her bones. She feels most engaged and alive with her head bent over a project and the rest of the world fading into the background. 

But no matter how much she loved it, she was stuck. Frustrated. Making time to get into her studio felt impossible, and the longer she put it off, the worse she felt.

She'd tried everything. Seriously, everything. Berating herself until she got into her studio----nope. Getting an accountability partner who doubled as a drill sergeant----definite nope. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. to have extra time for her project----absolutely not

Eventually, Fiona found her way to the only solution that worked sustainably for her. Rather than guilt and shame around her studio time, she rebuilt her sense of connection to it. She learned to fan the flames of her own enjoyment and replace perpetual frustration with feelings of expansion and flow. 

Creativity coaching was what led Fiona's way. Through an ongoing dialogue, we found the tools that suited her best, rebuilt her creative sense of self, and immersed her once again in the work she loves. 

Do you wish you could ... 


  • finally start that one creative project you've been daydreaming about forever?

  • find time to continue working on something you never seem to get to?

  • look forward to your creative project rather than having it hang over your head like a dark cloud?

  • feel good about what you do, instead of feeling a perpetual sense of not-good-enough?

  • finish your project once and for all, and savor that triumphant feeling of completion?

Are you finally ready to build an active, fun creative practice that catapults you towards your goals?

Then you're in the right place. 

What Type of Creative Are You?

Your personality type helps shape which creative blocks impact you most, and how you can move beyond them. Take the quiz to find out more about how your type can set you free just as easily as it holds you back! 

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What People  Say

CL -- Writer & Painter, USA

"I rediscovered my authentic voice and once again felt the passion and confidence in my writing that I had lost so many years ago."

MM -- Entrepreneur & Writer,  USA

"The work we've done together has really been a lifesaver. If you're in a position of stumbling around on a project that has meaning in your heart, the time you spend with Paige will save months of continued stalling.

MSF -- Visual Artist, Japan

"I've made great strides in understanding how I work best, and have done so in a short amount of time. Working with Paige is helping me bring my creative dreams to life."


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